The trend for separate women's & men's master bathrooms is an increasing reality in today's residential designs.  The past year has seen a marked shift in larger master bathrooms with distinct male & female quarters. 
The bigger the master bathrooms, the more defining the separate spaces are for a man & a woman," note Sea Pointe designers who believe the trend began as a simple need for double sinks to accommodate an increasingly hectic lifestyle & the growth of two-career couples.  Since then the trend has progressed into separate closets, separate mirror and dressing areas and, in larger spaces, two completely self-sufficient baths that may be joined by a common pass through, both accessible to the master bedroom.

Design ideas to add a more masculine feel to the bathroom:
• Use richer wood tones & deeper more saturated colors
• Look for accessories that evoke the feel of a gentleman's  lounge

• Add a closet outfitted with a valet for hanging his coat & pants
• Raise the vanity & sink to 36” for greater ease when shaving
• A steam shower provides a luxurious & rejuvenating escape

Design ideas to add a more feminine feel to the bathroom:
• Use a softly shaded color scheme & white or light-colored cabinetry
• Add a closet outfitted with silk-covered hangers for delicate garments
• Provide a lowered vanity with seat & a mirror for applying make-up
• For the ultimate in relaxation, include accessories like a day spa would
• Add a touch of natural warmth with a jetted or soaking garden tub.

Some of the most requested shower features include:

• Sculptural recessed niches add storage space for soaps and shampoo.

• Skylights or Solar tubes above the shower gives the room airiness.

• Sealed, ceiling-mounted down lights give showers more architectural style.

• New exciting fixture handle & trim kit finishes allow you to coordinate with different wall finishes.

• The continuity of coordinating floor  & wall tiles visually integrates a shower with rest of bathroom.

• Windows, located for privacy and away from water bounce can bring in views, light & allow for natural ventilation.

• Freestanding walls with contained plumbing fixtures - a free-form shower  becomes a dramatic mid-room focal point.

• Fixed-glass side walls & frame-less shower doors let light enter and create a feeling of spaciousness.

• Handheld shower attachments provide more sensory options & make shower cleanup a snap. Larger & more sophisticated shower pans will often be made with the same materials as adjacent floors for an expansive feeling in the room.