• Pull-out spray and pull-down faucets give you much greater utility for cleaning big pots or reaching a large work area

• By not requiring a separate side-spray, pull-out faucets save space

• Lever or wrist blade handle faucets are easy to use, making them a particularly good choice for children or people with disabilities

• A single control faucet offers added convenience and control

• Spray heads fit into the palm of your hand and offer stream-to-spray adjustment with the touch of a button.


KITCHEN SINKS(Everything you wanted to know...)

There's more to choosing a sink than color and design.  How you use your sink will have a lot to do with the style you choose.

• If you use a dishwasher, you may prefer a sink with a large single basin.  If you hand wash your dishes, a two or three basin sink may be preferable.  Double or triple basin sinks often feature a separate basin for garbage disposal or recycling… a small addition that can greatly enhance your workflow.

• A prep sink can be a convenient separate work-space in your kitchen greatly improving your efficiency and work flow.  It can provide that needed extra space for food prep, a place for your favorite sous chef to mince the garlic or maybe just a little extra room to chill a bottle of wine.

• The amount of countertop space you have and how it's configured are important factors in determining the size and shape of the sink you use.  When remodeling, if you're not changing the countertop, remember to take into consideration the cutout area of your old sink.  If you have limited counter space, think about using a sink that incorporates a cutting board over the sink basin.

• To make sure you've got a good match between your sink and your faucet, you'll need to look at more than style.  Consider what accessories you want and determine how they attach to the counter-top, most commonly, through a pre-drilled hole on the sink.  You'll also have to decide whether you want a traditional faucet .

• Typically, there are between one and four holes available on a sink depending on the style of faucet and accessories that are utilized.  The additional holes are used to fit accessories such as a soap/lotion dispenser, hot water or filtered water dispenser, air gap or disposal switch.

• Before making a purchase, you'll need to determine if your faucet is compatible with the required installation.  Be sure to check whether your faucet is installed on the flat faucet deck of the sink or through the counter-top.  Be sure to check your spout length to make sure it reaches adequately into the basin… particularly if you're working with large or deep basins.