1) THE LITTLE THINGS START TO GO WRONG - All bathrooms are prone to everyday wear & tear, but some problems require more than a simple repair job.  Depending on the cost of serious repairs, it may make sense to spend a little more and create a brand new bathroom.

2) YOU'RE STUCK IN A RETRO RUT - While it's true that yesterday's trends often resurface, some are best left in the past.  If your bathroom sends you into a time warp, it's due for an update.

3) YOU'RE THINKING OF SELLING YOUR HOME - Making relatively small changes is a smart way to raise your home's value.  You can appreciate your home's worth if you have an older house and update an obsolete bathroom.

4) YOUR FAMILY'S NEEDS SHIFT - When your family situation changes, so does it's needs.  People often remodel or add a second bathroom when they have children on the way.  Also,  as aging adults find their mobility changing, they may be more comfortable in rooms designed for their needs.

5) YOUR BATHROOM ISN'T “YOU” - Standard-issue faucets and fixtures may be functional, but there's nothing distinctive about them.  If these details don't fit your personal taste, it doesn't take much to find a look that goes with your style.  Whether you prefer classic lines or sleek modern curves, a few small changes can make a big impact.


Even baths with minimal measurements can offer full-scale convenience.  The bathroom pictured to the right uses full height, edge to edge mirrors to visually expand the space & bounce light around resulting in a room that belies it’s diminutive footprint.  Here are some other ideas Sea Pointe designers use to help you solve space issues:

• Replace a bulky vanity with a sleek pedestal sink.  To make up for lost countertop space, add a narrow ledge to the wall behind the sink.

• Investigate tub options.  Choosing a nonstandard size or shape may allow more efficient use of floor space.  Check out corner tubs, old-fashioned freestanding units, small-but-deep soaking tubs, & models specifically scaled for small spaces.

• Improve efficiency with special cabinetry fittings: pull-out laundry hampers, tilt-out waste cans, drawer organizers for cosmetics & toiletries, & appliance garages for hair dryers, curling irons, etc..

• Be creative with shelving.  Stack a corner with out-of-the-way wedge-shaped glass shelves.  Stow rolled towels in a wall-mounted wine rack. Build a labyrinth of recessed cubbyholes in spaces between the wall studs.

• Use pocket doors instead of hinged doors, so there's no need to make room for swing clearance.

• Make a small space feel larger with mirrors, shiny metals, & glass.  Reflective materials create the illusion of more space.  Glass lets the eye see through a solid surface.

• Consider sneaking a few extra feet into your bath by annexing space from an adjoining closet, hall, or room. Look at bump-out possibilities.  Can you push out a wall to gain extra square footage?